“You are responsible for teaching P3,We have different generations。”
Tang Chen pushed Tang San out,Ready to find a place to sleep。
“teacher,Can it really be solved??”
Master has no time to control Tang San now,Still want to get the exact answer。
“of course,Wait for Xiaosan to hunt for the spirit ring,Solve your problem by the way。”
“Help me through the admission procedures!”
Tang Chen didn’t talk any more nonsense,A few flashes disappeared in place。
“amount.You come with me!”
Master suppresses the excitement in his heart,Take Tang San to the Academic Affairs Office to go through the formalities。
He still has many questions,Need to get out of this kid’s mouth。
“Good teacher!”
Tang San was very respectful,But the eyes are not like this。
After all, the battle just now,The master’s performance is too ordinary。
“What a terrible person!”