This stunned Qian Mingming’s fans!
They have really worked hard?
Crazy likes,Post,Forward,There are even local fans who have a lot of krypton gold just for steady hot search。
But the hot searches for Qian Mingming’s new album continue to decline,Fall,Fall……
Ok,If it’s just like this!
When it’s ten o’clock in the evening,even“What is the Fields Award??”、“Twin prime conjecture”These two inexplicable words are both“Qian Mingming’s Deep Sea Super Talk”It really makes the fans unable to bear it!
What’s going on?
If you don’t understand nouns, you should ask Baidu?
I can’t ask Google!
Ran to Weibo to ask?
Are these people crazy??
It’s natural that the fan base has exploded。
“What is the origin of this Wang Yufei??”
“on purpose!Absolutely deliberate!Otherwise, how could it not be exposed?,Not exposed late!It happened to be exposed when we obviously needed to promote our new album?”