End of first quarter,Both sides played very fiercely under Kobe’s control,Charlotte Hornets25:27Los Angeles Lakers。
In the second quarter, the Lakers bench and Hornets bench also played back and forth.,Both sides are projective substitutes,Attack each other and the rhythm is fast。Dell Curry projection stability is very good,Available this season42.6%Hits1.9Three points。
When Kobe plays,The score has risen alternately many times,Kobe once again took advantage of this chaotic situation and cut a wave of points。
Hornets at halftime47:51Lakers!
Perfect rhythm,Kobe is firmly controlling the score difference while,Won at halftime19Minute2Backboard4Assist。
“Glue!This game is too stalemate!No one would have thought that the Hornets and Lakers could bite the score!”In the studio,James Worthy frowned。
“Yes,The confrontation in this game is too fierce,The two teams alternately lead each other。And under such fierce confrontation,The youngest‘50Mr. Fen’Kobe can actually win19Minute,Simply perfect performance!”
“Yes。Shaq’s performance is equally eye-catching,13Minute5Backboard,He repeatedly received Kobe passes and made difficult layups,His skills are too comprehensive for an insider!”
“The Lakers need to pay attention to Glen Rice’s offense in the second half。He has won15separated,If he keeps scoring like this, it will not be good news for the Lakers.。”
Chapter One Hundred and Fifty Two one seventh(Ask for recommendation,Request collection)
The Charlotte Hornets and the Los Angeles Lakers play into the fourth quarter,Total Score Hornets77:75Lakers。Double serve,Leading party switching back and forth。
“really not easy。”Kobe wiped the sweat from his forehead,Unconsciously control the score in single digits,And make the scene very intense,At the same time keep cutting points。Even Kobe,I also feel that this game makes him a little bit mentally exhausted。
Let the teammates and spectators not know what to do。
This is too difficult,Kobe, who has 20 years of professional experience, can do。It’s impossible for any other player to move like this。