Maybe it will hide in the dark, waiting for the summer to report。
He didn’t expect,I just returned to Qinghai,It was first found to go to the door.。
Summer is secretly thinking about each other’s intention and purpose。
in the dark,There are few more than the big look.,Summer,Jin Shao wants to see you。
Summer laughs,See it.,Why should I do so secret secret?,how?I am afraid that I will kill him.?
Big head,I don’t know what is going on.,But Jin Shao has experienced some things.。
Summer did not continue to ask,If he wants to see me,Just come directly to my house.,Maybe tomorrow is taking time to meet。
Daddy didn’t answer directly,You are safe here.?
Summer picking your eyebrows,What is the meaning of you?,Does someone want to kill him??
This sentence,Head immediately fell into silence。
Such a gesture,Summer surprised,Slightly unexpected。
Really people want to kill him?
Be,Nor,Some complex situation。
Big head,Jin Shao is not far away。
He turned and referred to the direction of the right side,If the summer is not mind,Can you move?,certainly,Golder can also come here,But you have to margin less security。
Then let him come over.。
Summer does not hesitate to make a choice。
Fangxiang sleeps in the villa,He can’t leave。
All right。
The big head looks deeply in the summer.,Turn around。
Summer station in the door,Ignite a smoke,Tamper,Two eyes,I don’t know what I am thinking.。
About two hundred minutes,He looked up。
Two people walking in the right side,One of them is the big head。
And another person,Is a thinner,Middle-aged man who looks forward。
When I arrived,The middle-aged man suddenly grinned,it’s me,Summer,Don’t ask me to take a seat?。
Summer oblique,you3dThe print mask is very high,Where to buy。
Middle-aged people are 金 傲荣。
As long as there is money,There is no thing you can’t buy at the end of the world.。
Jin De Rongfun,Don’t want to talk about。
Summer nice head,Turned and opened the door to go in,Head and Jino Rong Rong。
Go to the door,Head automatically stop。
Jin Yourong followed the living room。