And when you stress a group of people, drinking is drunk,When you shake your bar,Night is also quietly followed
Dim,Several man looking quite fear,Shrink in the corner,Looking at the figure into the figure,Body crazy playing。
Another corner,A figure that is worn out,Already in the blood of the blood。
Watching very miserable,The whole person is cut into a stick,I am reluctant to hang a breath,But I can’t die temporarily.。
“You damn the people,How do you do,Sheng Tianzi won’t let you。”
Even if it is dying,Staff or spend the night,Even if the tone is not like ever。
He is irritating night,The purpose is to let the night come to him.,He is really too painful,It’s not to free breakthrough now.。
“I didn’t want to be careful with you.,You challenge my nerve again and again.,Finally, I still want to start my important people.!
How is the Holy Son??How about everyone in the Tokyo District?,If someone wants to hurt them,I took all people to funeral together.。”
The final stress is too blood loss,Still not very,Directly。
Night, even I feel a bit cheaper.,After all, I actually plan to use the bomb to deal with a group of innocent loli.,It is simply a heart。
After the stress,Night and attention,Put it on the pig’s pig friend who stresses
I just witnessed the dead shape of the sturdy person.,Night now now,In their eyes,There is no difference between the real devil.。
Even the cold look,When you put them on them,One of the bold and small guys,The crotch is wet in an instant。
Be right,It’s really scared.,Today’s night,In their view,Is the character of the genamed killer。
Some of these will weak,Already crazy, take your head,Strive to die,So excluding non-human torture。
“It is the idea of stress,It doesn’t matter to us.。Night, big people, please let go.,I can give you a lot of money.。”
certainly,Rapid and stressful,Guys who want to be mercy。
But the night is cold,There is no soft intended。
After the miserable shouting of the alleys,Slowly attribute。
Night is a calm walk out of the alley,Leave a horizontal view
Chapter 96 Loli killer
Black bullet,There is also eight chapters.,The next world probability will be rigid
the next day,Night is on time“Holy”reported,Gentle,Can’t see the tyranny yesterday.。
Today, his mission is also very simple.,Just come back to send the trip to the Shengyu,Among them, it includes meeting Qi Wu Xuanzong。
“Mr. Night,Today, you will trouble every day.。”
Seeing the night of the sacred world is quite happy,certainly,If it is not always a night against“Tokyo District”Residents have a prejudice,She is more happy。
“fine,Anyway, I have never been there recently.,I’m almost being removed by wood.。”
Night, I also opened a joke.,But in fact, the wood is more salted with the night.,Indeed。
Because destroyed“Scorpio”s reason,Night“Tong Tong Guate Company”Reputation。
Even Liansi Lang,Because of that reason,ipRanking has been upgraded to about a thousand。
Along with a reputation,Naturally, a lot of entrusted。
And these commission,Most of them are eliminated“Scorpio”Night。
But the night is not interested in completing the commission.,Whole is waiting in Loli,It’s too easy to play.。
Sitting on the exclusive car of Holy Hei,In order to avoid embarrassment,Night is also chatting with the Shengtiao。
Among them, Qiwu Xuanzong met this time.,It is the most chat.。
In the introduction of the Shengtian,Night is also a preliminary understanding,What kind of person is Qi Wu Xuanzong?。
Also figured out,Why is the Holy Tians who would like to be a guard?。
Can only say this time point,This is called“Qi Wu Xuanzong”Ambition,come“Tokyo District”Iron is not good。