in‘Xley’Southernmost,Stationed‘Shark Legion’Eight Legions。Neatly arranged tents in rows,On the military camp,The soldiers are competing against each other。
according to‘Shark Legion’tradition of,Almost all soldiers, including officers, live in‘tent’inside,To show that you can attack at any time,Warcraft resisting invasion。Of course this is just a tradition,Tents inhabited by officers above the captain,Its bulky,Luxurious decoration,It’s just a house that can be demolished with the name of the tent.。
And those living in normal houses in the military garrison,Are all magicians and craftsmen on some weapons,Physicians who are good at treating injuries。
The convoy drove slowly to the door。
“who!”The two soldiers guarding the garrison with their long guns obliquely stopped a group of convoys!
“Lord Legion,It seems‘Iron Tiger’The four of them still want to embarrass you, Legion Commander.!”Sit on the left side of Wright,Smith·Joel said weirdly。
Actually he can understand,I knew I was a brat to be my immediate boss,Also quite aggrieved。
“Even if this genius is strong,But don’t know how to lead soldiers,Have a hairy use!”
This is him as an eighth-level fighter,It’s more about the experience of serving as the head of the division in the Imperial Army。At least in his opinion,Ordinary ninth-level fighters are powerful,But there is only one person in front of the army,A ninth-level fighter is not a ninth-level magician,A ninth-level fighter alone, In front of the army, you can kill some people and be besieged to death.。
The true role of ninth-level fighters in the military,Not a leader,But to ensure that they are in the center to command the entire army,Commander is too weak to be assassinated,The army is naturally chaotic。So unless it’s someone who leads the army extremely well,Otherwise, the post of legion commander will only be assumed by the ninth-level strong,The division leaders are also ninth-level fighters.,The rest are also level eight fighters。
But after seeing Wright’s strength,He never thought about that again。After all, the strength has reached a certain level,The army is not important anymore。
This legion commander does not know how to command,But don’t understand, don’t understand,Anyway, the strength of this one,Even if it is not a Warcraft,Its http://www.cqidcsys.cnstrength alone is enough to match or even surpass an elite division!Normal level 9 can’t stop this person,And this one is also a magician,Although not as strong as a fighter,But not weak。