Princess Daisy did not show any discomfort,Because of playing ball,All dirty,But there was a faint blush on her face,The dark eyes also sparkle with the bright look that a child should have。
obviously,Princess Daisy than she has ever been,All be healthy!
When Prince Louis saw this, he was a little excited and ran over and hugged her,Tremblingly asked,“you,You don’t feel any discomfort?”
“No,I feel great,Never been so good!”Daisy said breathlessly。
“How can this be……how is this possible……”
**Man looked pale when watching this scene。
“**Mr. Man,Call Master!”
Mo Xiaosheng looked at him with a smile,Indifferently:“In our China,Apprentice,But you have to kneel down three times,please!”
First0380Chapter Suddenly Please
**Man’s face suddenly changed,A dense layer of cold sweat oozes on the forehead。
Kneeling three times and nine knocks?
Vice President of the European Medical Association,Kowtowing his head to a 20-year-old boy?
And the most important thing is,This kid represents the Chinese medicine he most hates!
He worshipped Mo Xiaosheng as a teacher,Then it means,Western medicine bowed his head to Chinese medicine!