Xu Shuang saw Lu Shanshan sad,Asked:“Yue Ge,You still have Lu Shanshan in your heart, right?,I think you and that little girl are married。Although the little girl looks very good,But she is so young,I’m afraid I can’t talk with you。
Lu Shanshan smiled bitterly:”She is a very nice girl,Unfortunately because of family problems,Have to walk a hard way。“
Xu Shuang felt that seeing a glimmer of light,He knew,The perfect love in his heart can’t be destroyed。
Xu Shuang patted Lu Shanshan on the shoulder:“Yue Ge,I support you,Even in the worldly view you are a scumbag,But don’t worry,The road ahead is still long。Just like the previous couples that moved the whole city,Like a shocking wedding that made countless headlines,Those celebrities also married for the benefit of the family,But after ten or eight years,Both of them have stabilized their legs,Can do a lot,When you create something with your own ability,They divorced too。Yue Ge,I know,Not a few years in life,But ten years you have to endure it。Besides, ten years later you are still very young,You will not be thirty-five years old。Thirty-five is a bit older for a female artist,But it’s a golden age for men。I believe that in ten years, you will be impeccably honed in both financial and acting skills.,Your family won’t be able to control you then,You can pursue your own happiness。Just want to make your beloved woman wronged。This decade,I’m afraid you will leave her out。I don’t think there are many women willing。”
Lu Shanshan is analyzed by Xu Shuangyi,Head is big,She didn’t feel Xu Shuang’s negative energy before,I always feel like a little angel,Always full of positive energy,It’s about Shen Zhiyue now,She immediately persuaded。
“Shuang brother,I don’t think it’s been ten years,If he disagrees,I can’t survive ten hours。Hey,I don’t want to go back yet。”
If Shen Zhiyue disagrees with what he did,He guessed that he would change it back immediately。Next, he will play the perfect Shen Zhiyue,And Lu Shanshan can only stay in the hospital to recuperate。
Although staying in the hospital to recuperate is not a big problem,Can communicate with Lin Tong。She hasn’t been alone with Lin Tong for a long time,Zhou Qihua and Shen Zhiyue have been with her these days。Zhou Qihua finds a day there and she has to go and thank you。Shen Zhiyue······
Lu Shanshan can think of how much Shen Zhiyue despise herself after knowing Ji Yuanyuan’s plan,She already wants to dig a hole and bury herself。
Lu Shanshan sympathizes with Ji Yuanyuan,Without sympathy,She can’t add one to herself**bother。She thinks of her sister Lu Ling,Lu Ling is in good condition,She wants to be popular easily,But her temper is too big,I didn’t know how Maureen endured her.。
But without Maureen’s support,Lu Ling can’t move where she is today。
Xu Shuang saw Lu Shanshan’s face changed several times,He suddenly felt distressed。If Shen Zhiyue is with Lu Shanshan,,He will silently bless,But I think it will be due to family pressure,Forced to be a pair of fateful mandarin ducks,Xu Shuang was suddenly upset。