“That’s not the case……”Xu Ruixuan is a little upset,What do you want to explain,But here was interrupted by Wang Yufei。
“Oh,okay I know,You go to study abroad at ease,Apple side,I’ll help you out!”
Finished,Wang Yufei patted Xu Ruixuan on the shoulder again……
Xu Ruixuan looked at Wang Yufei’s sincere eyes dullly,I didn’t know how to return for a while!
Why did you go around Apple again??
I’m Guofen!I use the Apple Family Bucket!Say again,I go to study,Why are you looking for Apple??
however,Wang Yufei didn’t give him a chance to ask this.,After making a promise,Already took Guo Xiaoyi out of the shop。
“Actually Xu Ruixuan’s rich second generation is not bad,At least compared to many rich second generations I saw online,Much stronger,Much better than the children of some half-rich and wealthy people in school!”Walk outside the store,Guo Xiaoyi made a very pertinent comment。
“Yes,If he was not so confident before,Or we can be friends。”Wang Yufei sighed with regret。
“correct,How do you know what Zhou Sicheng promised him?”
“Guessed!Seems to be right。”
“But why bother?Maybe I went abroad,Not two months,Xu Ruixuan let himself go,Impulsive promises made by young people are not credible。”a long time,Wang Yufei suddenly said something like this。
“Why do I think you seem to understand love now?”