Come on the right legs like heavy,Concen with a discount arm swept on his head,Anti-pain makes youth facial features,Otolaryngology。
Not waiting for him to fall,Come on a note in his back neck,Instant palm,After the neck go out, go out。
When he comes out,The right side door is also pushed open.,Summer came out。
Eight Shura, waiting to stand straight to the body,Fault,But their eyes are full of excitement and violence。
Luo Tian is like a young man who finishes dizziness,“This is a big fish,Should be the people of the people。”
“Let it go。”
Summer nice head,Go away。
Luo Tian smiled,Follow up,恿,“Hey,Boss,Are we not here?,Just a big trouble,Even if the police come, can’t stop us.……”
http://www.yygezi.cn The eight people in Suvro have revealed the expressions.,One ejaculation wants to try。
This is the power of the nine hegemonic forces.。
They fight strong,Even no day。
If you really want what you want in a bustling city,Terror destructive power,It’s enough to make any country is jealous。
“This is a rule,Also bottom line。”
Summer head is not returned,Side,“Even if we can’t easily destroy……”
Luo Tian smiled,Dare to continue。
In those glance,Everyone quickly walked out of the nightclub,Then I got a business car.,Raise。
Three minutes later,Police car,Start blocking scene。
Inside the car,Ignite a smoke in summer,Three people who have been thrown on the ground,“Awaken them。”
“I am coming to me.,Hahaha,I will play a game for everyone.。”
Luo Tian bent down,Both hands,For the old George and Gaden, http://www.dgsjxl.cn it is a big slap.,Life will wake up two people。
They opened their eyes,In the middle,I saw a familiar cheek。
Both people discolored,All emotions become fear。
“I……you,You are best to put me.,Here is England……”
Old George tries to intimidate,Just say,But there is no one in the air。
Because,A gaze,Not only cold but ruthless,And you are looking at the eyes of idiot。
Looking at old George in summer,Say,“Poisonous Mercenary is your own,Someone is still behind you?”
“you……Who are you,I tell you,most……”
Not finished,Summer cold channel,“killed。”
Luo Tianyi wrote a knife,Accompanying a scum,Old George’s throat。
He boke eye-catching beads,Pupil,The original oil is full of old face,Be full of unwilling,It seems that I don’t believe that I am dead.。
See http://www.592lxwz.cn this scene,Gaden suddenly called,Just just issue a syllable,It was killed by a feet dead.。
Summer,The dark scorpion stares on him.。“I have some things you want to ask you.,I hope you will not let me down.。”