“do not……I just was so excited.,Don’t cry, don’t cry.。”
Palace clear text is a bit panic,I am a few words.,If you really have a crying of Wu Gui,That is not very good.。
certainly,Both fans protect their own,Most of them are really true.。
Wu Gui sucks the nose,Clear and clear,I found that I am not clean again.,Heavy cough。
This is just a face:“Who……Who cried,You cried?。Just now is too air conditioning.,I didn’t endure it.。”
Palace cleaved his shoulders,The right is comforted。
“so what,I am a reasonable reason.,Acquire……Come here to broadcast a fan of fans。”
“what about you,If you go home,Let’s play,It’s hard to enjoy it.。”
Wu Gui and others are right,It seems like the idea of communicating with your eyes.。
And when someone wants to open, I promise the words of the palace.,Wu Gui’s expression suddenly became firm。
After seeing the expression of Wu Guiwen,Gure,I suddenly raised unknown in my heart.。
really,Wu Gui’s face suddenly became red.,The http://www.xinchudz.cn tone also suddenly became generous。
“Master Master!I realized。”
Chapter 35 The palace of brother has passed
You enlighten you……Do you realize something??
Palace clearly wants to press Wu Da smart head,Ask him this question。
Wu Gui’s expression is still excited,Just, I have to calm down.。
He did not continue to look at the palace,But it turns through the body,Everyone in harmony with others is looking for a while。
Then I took a deep breath.,A face of the hustody,Just like a full-scale socialist successor。
“I have realized,what about you?”
Everyone is a little bit of mind,The face is written。
Do you realize what you have realized,You are listening to the Buddha.?
But although I think so in my heart.,But everyone has no opening,But staring at Wu Gui waiting for the following。
but,Wu Gui is http://www.czshunhao.cn expected to have the same expression.。
The corner of the mouth reveals a smile with a beautiful sense of silk.,Wu Gui shook his head。
“You look at you,Only me,Can keep up with Master……Pooh,What am I?。”
“Just I have,Can keep up with the husband’s thoughts。”
Everyone’s expression is getting worse.,I even show some impulses that I want to play people.。
And when they take these doubts to the palace clearing,Found that Lian Qingqing text,It is also a expression like a non-understanding.。
“Humming,I didn’t really think that people didn’t really,Palace brother said these words,It is encouraged you to enjoy the holiday.?”
“No, you won’t let it.?”
The relationship between Liu Hao and Wu Gui is very good.,The two can be said to be friends who have nothing to talk.。
But at this time,It has also taken green gluten http://www.hhqor.cn on your forehead.,Fist,Obviously, Wu Gui’s words have been angry in his heart.。
Not to mention others, others。
Palace clearly scratched the head,I am worried about it.,Maybe I will wait for Wu Gui to say yet.,I have been killed and maybe it is said.?
Everyone is finally yet, I haven’t come to work.,Wu Gui has already said the next sentence.。
“If you all think so,That can only explain that you are too young.。”